Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Look!! New Dedication?

Hi! Sorry for the lack of love over here - I've been spending a lot of time over at Geek Monkey, and the movie stuff I've been posting was getting lost in the shuffle between there and here. So I decided to make some changes, as you can see by the new look of the site.

Over the next few weeks this site will be seeing a lot more content, as I plow through the massive stack of Criterion DVDs purchased during what will be known throughout history as "the day Barnes & Noble lost their minds and gave us two weeks of 50% off all Criterion discs." You can see the front seat of my car after the first day's excursion:

I also have some articles coming, my entry for the Brian de Palma Blog-A-Thon for Cinema Viewfinder, and other assorted goodies. All this to stay: if you've visited the site and despaired for lack of content, be strong! Have hope! We're coming back!!


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