Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Two Cents on The Social Network (2010)

It's a good movie.  A really good movie, entertaining as hell and filled with great acting, spectacular direction and a score that is so perfectly attuned to the action on the screen it's almost eerie.

That being said, it's not my favorite film of the year, and I cringe a little whenever I see the words "masterpiece" or "game-changer" tossed about.  Like any movie (or every movie), there are choices I don't agree with, things that are clunky or don't work, but none of that should take away from what is a excellent look at the lengths people will go to to try and connect, to fit in within a larger circle, and the things they may lose along the way.

There are many excellent reviews out there in the film blog community: I went into a lot more detail regarding what I did and didn't like in the comments on Ryan Kelly's excellent post on Medfly Quarantine. I also referenced Tony Dayoub's review from Cinema Viewfinder, equally outstanding.  Clicking on the comments from both sites will lead to many more great opinions on THE SOCIAL NETWORK, some positive, some negative, but all informed, intelligent, and well worth your time whether you agree with the findings or not.


  1. Yeah, I don't know if I'd call it a masterpiece either - still too early to tell - but it is definitely one of Fincher's best films and in look and tone seems almost like a companion piece to ZODIAC. In both films you really feel the influence of ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN - that objective reporting vibe and I was very impressed with Jesse Eisenberg - cast against type to play a real jerk instead of the loveable neurotic types he usually portrays. And I was even more shocked by the good performance by Justin Timberlake. Who knew?

  2. J.D. - I agree. I think ZODIAC is still Fincher's best overall film as well, although I probably revisit FIGHT CLUB and "enjoy" it more than ZODIAC.

    It's always weird to differentiate between "best" and "favorite" when you're talking about movies, but all too often my favorite films from a director are not necessarily their best or most accomplished, either in the eyes of the critical community or in my own (I don't think of myself as a critic, just a guy writing about the things he loves). So on that scale, I think THE SOCIAL NETWORK definitely feels like a companion piece to ZODIAC and agree on it being one of his best in terms of look and tone.

    So odd to have BENJAMIN BUTTON sitting there between them...

  3. Yeah, at first I was like, what the...?! with BENJAMIN BUTTON but then I started watching some of the extras for it on the excellent Criterion DVD and I think it was a very personal film for Fincher. His father died of cancer around the time it was being made (I believe) and so the theme of mortality was lingering heavy on his mind I bet.

    I agree with you that FIGHT CLUB is probably the film of his I enjoy watching the most and I often differentiate between "best" and "fave" with a filmmaker. Like, Carpenter. I think that THE THING is his masterpiece but my fave in terms of watchability and sheer enjoyment, for me, is BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA>