Thursday, October 5, 2006

3-Iron (2004)

3-IRON is amazing. One of those films that is a shame to explain to someone - you have to see it. More of a tone poem than a linear film, it's the follow-up to director Ki-duk Kim's incredible SPRING SUMMER FALL WINTER...AND SPRING.

The plot, such as it is, concerns a young man who spends his days breaking into people's houses and, well, living there. Wearing their pajamas, fixing their broken appliances, doing their laundry. And then leaving before the actual owners return. What happens when he breaks into a secluded mansion and discovers a young, beaten woman is still in the house provides the foundation for Ki-duk Kim's meditation on love and the elusive pursuit to reunite with our soul's mate. The style and pace of the movie is purposely quiet, slow but assured of it ultimate goal, echoing the actions taken by both leads. The moments of humor interspersed throughout keep you secure in the knowledge that 3-IRON is going to stop at many places along the way, but will find itself in perfect balance at the end.

There's so much going on that to go on too long would threaten the sweet surprises in store for a new viewer. So I'll end with some personal observations: When it was over, I spent the next hour giggling and jumping up and down, dying to talk to someone else about this movie. My wife was extremely patient and tolerant of my ramblings (reason #452 why I love her). Not being able to see where the movie ultimately winds up is one of the things that make 3-IRON so wonderful. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll think it's better than CATS.

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