Monday, February 5, 2007

The Criterion Contraption

Holy crap. This guy is living my dream.

I was surfing the web trying to find some shots from YOJIMBO for an upcoming movie review and I came across a blog called The Criterion Contraption.

It's mission? To watch and review every title from the Criterion Collection.

In order.

He's up to #64 (THE THIRD MAN), and looks to be going strong, with nice reviews of not only the films but the features included. Also has some great pictures from the films.

I unabashedly love Criterion - no other film catalog has opened my eyes up to so many wonderful works of art. Fellini, Kurosawa, Renoir. Ozu...the list is endless. I can always count on picking up a film without knowing too much about it and being amazed, entranced and, if nothing else, challenged as to what defines the conventions of film. The films aren't nearly as pricey as they used to be, and excellent outlets like Netflix contain pretty much everything in the catalog still in print, so for any new film lovers out there, it's a great place to be exposed to the beauty, passion and art of film.

In the meantime, the link for The Criterion Contraption is posted up on the right along with some of my other favorite film sites.


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