Thursday, February 8, 2007

New Look; Why Blockbuster's OK

Went for a little bit of a different look to the site. Added a graphic on top, some new colors, and hopefully a little self restraint in the future!

Any comments, feedback about the new site welcome!
In other news, yesterday's spur-of-the-moment trip to Blockbuster paid off in spades. I am a tried and true Netflix member since 2001, but every so often I have the need for an immediate movie fix. Yesterday was just such a day. I still had two movies sitting at home, but they were reserved for "Husband+Wife" viewing; so no go there. Since it was 4:00 PM and my wife wasn't coming home until 10:30 PM, and I had no chores, I decided a little movie watching was in order.

Picked up CRANK and IDIOCRACY and managed to swipe the last copy of THE U.S. VS. JOHN LENNON from someone who was debating on it (ha!), and on my way out the door saw the 2 for $20 sign for all used DVDs. Feeling in a bit of a sequel mood, I picked up the 2-Disc CLERKS 2 and PIRATES 2 and headed for the checkout. Turns out when I got there the sales clerk told me my Rewards membership was running out, and did I want to renew? I was all prepared to say "yes" when she blurted out, "I tell you what, if you renew I'll make you a deal."

I was going to renew anyway; it was only $10.85. But I said, "What's the deal?"

"You can have all 3 rentals for free, and I'll throw in another used movie for the $20."

What could I do? I grabbed a used copy of INSIDE MAN (which I haven't seen yet), went home, and luxuriated in my 6.5 hour freedom.

You gotta take your perks where you can get 'em, man!


  1. That was a pretty sweet hookup at Blockbuster... maybe I need to go in too! Nicely done. Let me know what you think about The US vs. John Lennon.. I've been debating adding it to the ol' Netflix queue.

  2. It was good - not great, but good. Since Yoko's actively involved in it, there's a definite bias. But I love the music, thought the man was great, and took it for what it was.

    I plan on writing a SMALL review for it in the next day or so.