Monday, January 26, 2009

Short and Punchy

That's the tract I'm trying to take with the next batch of reviews, of which there are several. I really want to keep the majority of these short and to the point, with the rule of one poster of DVD cover image and one larger image at the end of the review, unless it's something (like I did with BREATHLESS) where I purposefully want to take a deeper view.

Also: the essay about the Oscar nominations is long, rambling, and seems to change direction. I know: I originally had something entirely different there that was about 4,000 words, which was way too long. I ripped out huge chunks of it, added new stuff actually related to the nominations, and that's why the piece feels rudderless and largely devoid of any style. I'm probably going to clean it up in the next few days when I have some time.

In the meantime,distract yourself with some of fine writing courtesy of the people listed over to the right. Great stuff.

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