Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome. What's Celluloid Moon?

Hi. Don’t mind the mess.

Celluloid Moon is a branch of Geek Monkey, your one-stop-shop for ruminations, reviews, and general revelry concerning all manner of geeky things. I wanted to take something from scratch that I can use to focus on film: specifically my growth as a film watcher and writer.

So throughout 2009 I’m going to keep a record of the movies I see, both in the theaters and on DVD, with the hopes of better expressing my thoughts and views on how and why these films either worked or didn't work for me, with the ultimate goal being two-fold:

  1. Improve my overall writing with regards to film criticism.
  2. Expand the breadth and scope of the films I see. I made a promise that for 2009 I would make every attempt to see as broad a range of films as possible, and try my damnedest to erase the enormous stockpile of DVDs I have lying around the house.

Some reviews will be long (and quite possibly ramble - I won't deny my faults as a writer), some I'll try to be as brief and concise as possible. Hopefully anyone stumbling across this blog will leave a comment, engage in some discussion, and point me toward some great films out there waiting to be discovered.

And that’s about as strict a Mission Statement as I imagine I’ll ever put out.

Thanks, and see you around.


  1. don't watch Babylon AD for the love of..well me. Vin is chunky and slow, Michelle Yeoh doesn't get the chance to rock because she'd make Vin look well, slow and chunky, the plot is thinner than xenon and the dialogue is well, even for a mindless action movie it's pretty bad.

  2. Am pimping the blog over at my site! Good luck with this.

    Liz x

  3. @Hagelrat - After reading your review I definitely decided against Babylon A.D. - but thanks for the double warning!

    @Liz - thanks! Feel free to stop by and chime in whenever you want - that's why this blog's here!